Travel Solo is YOLO The Experience


The Experience

I once had a SOLO trip, booked a flight and just went to CEBU to attend a concert! Tadah! That’s the only and sole reason why I left north. It was impulsive and unplan yet true is one of the best. It was my first time to travel ALONE riding a plane and got stuck in heavy traffic and guess what? What?! I missed my flight! I rebooked for the next cheap flight and that would be another 4 hours of waiting game.. It was one of the longest day of my life, but they say, delays are blessings and God’s protection. When I get there, I rapidly rode a taxi, asked the driver to wait for me, checked in at the hotel, changed my clothes and head straight to the “concert” .. Then what’s next? Nothing.. I don’t even know where to go after, I just walked with the people from the concert and just let my feet take me anywhere.. I don’t even know how to go back at the hotel! Hahaha..

Well Cebuanos are so nice that they even let me have their taxi cause I really look a stupid tourist. The next day,I went out and ask, where could I find a tapsilogan, they pointed me somewhere near my hotel. The way they eat and serve tapsi is way different than usual. But when you say CEBU this got to be LETCHON. Cebu Letchon is popular delicacy in Cebu, crispy and tasty! Yum! Together with that is a different way to to eat their rice, their rice is wrapped in banana leaves. Their “saw-sawan” for letchon is not even “sarsa” but toyo and atchara.. That is one great foodtrip that I will never ever forget, cause I really got groggy and went in a movie house to sleep. So trying once more, maybe I am just too tired exploring and had another Cebu Letchon at the airport! And ended just the same! Slept the whole 40 mins of travel.. uhm (I have really low tolerance for MSG) if they put some.. The scenery, the gimikans and the beach, sorry don’t have any to share cause I don’t have an Itinerary.. BUT one of the best part was I was able to buy PASALUBONGS! Some of the goodies from Bohol, Davao and Cebu I bought, munching them at the hotel and brought them home. Here are in the list.. Nonetheless, I had a great time in Cebu, knowing the Fluent English Speaking in Cebu made me in awe, even the “takatak” boy speaks fluently.. Friendly and awesome people.. One travel I would surely treasure.


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