Travel SOLO is YOLO The Perks


The Perks

Going solo is not bad at all. Some people enjoy SOLO traveling, being themselves, being carefree and being independent.. JUST embracing oneself. But what are the perks of being a soloista traveler?

#find new friends — Knowing that you have the ability to find acquaintance while traveling, finding new company, finding new friends with no judgement. Making the all new impression to others.

#soul searching — Know where your soul is, you might find it. Individuals go through this phase once or in their lives. It helps a lot for people who are confuse, depress, lonely or just trying to find some worth for themselves.

#exploration — Bringing out the best of your skills and “diskarte” imagine yourself in an unfamiliar place and your questioning skills brings out the best in you.Being alone and the need to help oneself puts you in the situation, so exploring your inner being goes out in you.

#interest — You might not discover it yet, but learning about your potentials may emboss you to know that you got something hiding inside of you. You might be in a place that you enjoyed so much, like at the beach, you went surfing and got really interested in it. And found yourself so good at it.

#tranquility — Calmness, serenity, peace and knowing that you only care for yourself without thinking about others. It’s something you manage to enjoy.. #meditate You have a long way just to think things over or yet your mind is empty. You could also pray and just dwell in your ownself. While in a room there will be no anyone bugging you because they are hungry, or bangging the door cause you don’t feel like going out. Do what your heart feels..

#YOLO — No one could live their lives alone, there will be a time that you are with people or somebody, so why not treat yourself and have fun with your own self cause yeah You only live once. So seize the moment you have there.. Share your thoughts, what do you enjoy most being SOLO.

Stay Gold and Spark On


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