Tomato Meat and Cheese Pasta Casserole


My son loves pasta, but the thing is he doesn’t eat any kind of pasta cooked by others, Even at the restos or fastfood. And even at kiddie birthday parties.He would only eat the pasta that I cook. He requested me to cook spaghetti today, but it was such a time that I don’t cook my very own tomato meat and cheese  pasta casserole.. This pasta is very easy to cook and the ingredients are simple that you don’t have to put a lot of different herbs, surely your family will enjoy.

Tomato Meat and Cheese Casserole
Ingredients :

2 Packs (500grams) Fussili Pasta — Cooked as per instruction.. Cooked in aldente.

Tomato Meat Sauce
1 medium onion — diced
3/4 kg ground beef
1 680g/can del Monte Meat Sauce
1 beef cubes
2 tsp oregano — optional
2 tsp italian seasoning — optional

Cheese Sauce
3 tbsp butter
1 370ml/can Evaporated filled milk
1 235grams Magnolia Cheesy Squeez Cheddar — ( you could also use chizwiz)
1 180grams/box Eden Cheese (sliced in half)

While cook pasta as per instruction, approx 7-8 mins. Make sure the pasta is aldente and would not be over cooked. Strain and Set aside.
–OPTIONAL This will make 2 batches, 1 for the Tomato Meat Sauce and 1 for Cheese Sauce. This if you want to bake it for 15 mins at the oven 350 degree celcius. Or simply mix them after, it gives the pasta a two part taste.

Cheese Sauce
Heat a pan in low fire and ilput the butter, make sure that it will not be burned, put the evaporated milk, using whisk, stir it occassionaly. Add the Cheezy Squeez Cheddar, continue stirring, btil it disolves. Grate Eden Cheese unto the saucey, keep stirring til the Eden Cheese melts. Pour it to your 1st batch of cooked fussili.

Tomato Meat Sauce
Saute onions in cooking oil, when the oniion is translucent, add meat. When the meat is cooked add optional ingredients like oregano and italian seasoning.. Add the tomato sauce, let it simmer 7-10 mins. Stir occasionaly.
Then add it to the pasta and mix together..

Serve it with more grated cheese..
Enjoy and Happy Eating!

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