There’s healing in emptiness


 2 Kings 20:5 I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears. I will HEAL you says the Lord.

This verse in the bible, I came across for the first week of the Year. For a lot of Christians, knowing and seeking for God’s word for you for the rest of the year is very important for us. Looking back last year, I am physically weak, emotionally and spiritually empty. God allowed me to be emptied till the last drop. I was so devastated with some situations in my life that I was in a season of brokeness. My friends, my lifegroup (cellgroup) and my family would not notice this. I was even deceived and I allow my self to dive in to different situations because simple it is. I am WEAK..I was easy to get ill and depressed. Had anxieties and all bad things feasts in my system. I am so exhausted and even questioned God. Where are you? Why me? How could you? I know it was a total NO! NO! To even doubt. But I felt that compassion from the Lord. He let me see clearly with everything after months of being down and low. I would always testify this, Then a new year came. I told myself I will be putting an end to a season. I told myself to in a time frame to forgive, to let go and just let God. I came running back to God it is not because I wanted to take advantage of the good stuff. But I came back cause He is Who I only need. God speaks to me very boldly and I could not even deny it was Him. Whenever I open the bible, it hits me right straight to my heart, I know He is! God is talking to me. I thought He has not spoken but I was just too busy covering my ears, eyes and heart not to hear Him. Then God gave me a promise, and I accept it. The verse I was sharing is the verse I am holding on for months now. And God has been so faithful to fulfill them. I repent and ask to let me just praise Him even that I am not worthy. But God says I am worthy! I am His and that He is mine.


Lord I may experience struggling along the way, but remind me always of your faithfulness. I see clearly how You put an end to all the things you take away from me. I am not worthy of anything from You, but You gave it anyway. It is Your love that reigns in me and will always make me strong. You want your children to be courageous in and step in Your goodness. Allow me to grow in love deeply in You and follow all the days of my life. May I understand the things I can’t and put an end in our doubts, yet even though what the future may bring, I know You are there all the way. Thank You for Your unending and unfailing love Oh Lord. This I pray in the precious Name of Jesus, Amen.


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