Teaspoon Cafe — I’m Home



Well I’m back at Teaspoon.. This time let me elaborate why I would always want to come at this place..

Teaspoon is a cafe, they offer variety of drinks and food. They also offer pastries. But one thing I love the most about this place is the place itself. It is like coming home again. I love seeing beautiful things and so I give myself a pleasure of just being there. From their to their furnitures and the feels of just being at home.

So we went there for our lifegroup(cellgroup) fellowship, The place is calm and a bit quite and you would love to have your talks and read or do some stuff. There is no wifi, yet maybe they encourage you to really bond and eat.

The food is delicious and super heavy in the stomach. Like seriously heavy. These are some of the drink in the menu. Matcha, caramel and their pinoychillers choc- nut. We ordered clubhouse, grilled cheese, carbonara and spicy sausage aglio-olio and cheesy fries. Bread being use is wheat and that made it real busog. Food price ranges php 190 – php 220. And its good for sharing!

I love their queso de bola cake and browkies (brownies and cookies) all at the picture costs php 60 pesos each. Apple crumble and queso de bola cheese cake available in cake slices or in a whole.

Affordability? I could say is fair enough, menu at photo to check 🙂

Definitely  one of my faves near my home where I could indulge to the vibe of it.. Visit their place and or check their Facebook page. Also watch my VLOG


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