STEPS for DUMMY and confuse WANDERER



I’m in love with traveling and I may say I have wanderlusts. I’ve been to countless tourist spots and destination in and out of the Philippines.. With some repetition of what I do when I prep,I tend to know some things to consider when you want to get away.. you could be a backpacker, a  or in a group.. but here’s what I keep in mind:

#1 Destination
Destination is very important when you are planning to go elsewhere,” yes ofcourse duh” But some people tend to just disregard this. They think of a place they just want to do something without really realizing that there are options.. for example, accomodations over campsites. Whether you are thinking “just” anywhere, you just don’t know what you’re missing on the other side.. and of what to do, takes you to the next #2 Research

#2 Research
There are forums, Facebook groups or websites like mine 😀 provides some information about resort packages or destinations and even real reviews and testimonies! Check ratings and ofcourse check if there are some side trips that you could go to. If you know you’ll enjoy, then go for it. Giving yourself like 2-3 options only or you’ll just make yourself undecided.

#3 Travel Light
This is the hardest part among women. Men tend to just bring a small bag, literally a small bag! Or as if they’re not bringing anything at ALL! But well that,s the right thing, always travel light and if you can’t really do it, take few things that you really NEED like your toiletries and vanity kit. Avoid bringing too heavy clothing, like Pants and sweatshirts, uhm unless you’re going to a cold place like Baguio and Tagaytay, there will always be an exemption.
Bring, light dresses easily be folded, couple of shirts and shorts and/ or for bedtime(could repeat these clothes. Underwear/ beach wear if you’re going to a beach. Dresses! Dresses!are very light and easy to fold.. FOLD and TUCK/ tuck and fold,that’s the trick for packing! Men?! You know what to do, you don’t really wanna know these (wink)

#4 Gadget Up
As simple, nobody tends to forget their cameras (action cam much better than SLR), cellphones, portable speakers and powerbanks/ charger. If you are going on a camping and you feel there is no way for electricity, there are solar energy powerbanks that you could always purchase. Team Manila sell some of those, try to check their stores.

#5 The Cheapstakes
DIY or do-it-yourself is the cheapest way to travel. Well you have to do everything but its worth every peso you could save rather going to an agency and book a travel destination for you. Don’t go too grand about hotels, if you are going out and stay long out doors, hotel will just be for sleeping but not permanently staying so, find a backpacker lounge or a transient or OK?! Cheapest Hotel in the metro. Regardless if you are intentionally staying in a Hotel for a staycation. Find Cheap or even street food delicacies that would save you more but will be tummy full.

#6 The More The Merrier
This is struggle and it’s for real guys, cause you’ll be staying and traveling with different personalities so just live with it, you’ll be fine, it will be just couple of days..Still the more is the merrier, it could be cheap too,most specially if booking for a barkada package. Chip in will be less, but more fun cause having in a big group will be crazier than few.

#7 Keep the change
Don’t go for big bills, keep your “barya-bles” cause when traveling you want to pull out that fernando, just pay and leave. That simple.

#8 Don’t get too familiar
Be like a real tourist, getting there would be a lot of photo shoots. A few clicks will do and just have fun. Try new things that you could only do there. Try new delicacies is a must. Don’t go eating in a famous fast food chain?! Eat out at the streets where the real foods are!

#9 Just Get Lost
It’s pretty fine to be lost in an unfamiliar place. WAZE is sometimes unreliable I swear to God and its A- OK, this gives you the chance to go exploring the place and be adventurous.

#10 Know The Purpose
Cut the crap and stop being savage.. You can’t avoid being pissed or annoyed but go back and know the purpose of your travel. Have fun, enjoy, move on and just let loose!

#BONUS TRACK — PLANS Are Made to be Broken

Not only promises LOL, but also too much planning.. Just go and make it happen. Unplanned trips are the best!

#BONUS TRACK — For Keeps
For me, I would always find REF MAGNETS, I like those instead of key chains, why? Cause I keep track of myself of those places I’ve already visited. Of course besides the food pasalubongs, you might want to keep something that reminds you of the trip.

And you are all set. Stay Gold and Spark On!


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