Why not? When I could


Many times we are caught of the things we wanted to do over, Could I really do it? Surely a hundred times these things had made you pause and think, pause and think and plenty of times before we could start. We have so many reasons, only reasons not to do, because of fear because we are so afraid to start, we are afraid to fail. Where in the bible “do not be afraid”is written 365 times, and remember, this is one for each day. We may wanted to start something we wanted to try ever before. Then why not? Not because you can’t but because you can! You can! You just have to believe you can. If you know that you can’t then why not ask God to do these things for you. Yes!God can because He is able. I started writing and discovered I love to write when I was 12 years old. I started writing poems and short stories. Over the years I kept over a hundred thoughts before I was able to put it on a pen and paper. Then arts interests me, I painted, I was into photography, and now into vlogging and blogging. Atleast it evolved but the thing is, I was not really documenting it, it was for self pleasure. Then finally I thought of why not put up a site for all the things I do, where I should have done before. Well my husband is a web developer/ programmer and He is so excellent with it. I thought of him setting up a site for me. But maybe I was too lazy not to do it. Then finally I did.. So this first post, I want to share to you that, no one could ever stop you from what you wanted to do and so dear to you. When God have a constant reminder for me. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through God who strenghtens me. God is our ever supplier of wisdom and strenght and He will empower you to keep going on. Cause His plans is to protect everything we do that is align in His will. So don’t ever be discouraged and just go on! And always do good deeds!


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