Dreamy “Unicorn” Cafe


They say Unicorns are mythical creatures, they do not exist, they aren’t real. But in the hearts of young girls and kids at heart they do.. A fan of little pony and all those rainbow heads. I myself is fascinated with it, even thinking to have a tattoo..

As their tagline says “Where little dreams do come true”
And I say “So I woke up this morning, I wanted to be a unicorn 🦄, I just made that happen 💕

As a vlogger / blogger, I call myself as an event chaser or resto goer, a wanderer too and when I say these things I would do.. So here goes my awesome time at Dreamy “Unicorn” Cafe , Malolos Bulacan Philippines..

It was something I am looking forward to go to so I went.. From Angeles City Pampanga Philippines, Where I hailed. I have to drive 70km going there, we have missed turns and WAZE was just misleading.

Took NLEX had a wrong exit .. but this is what you have to do.. From Pampanga take a Tabang, Bulacan Exit.. fron the Exit.. drive straight and you’ll reach Malolos Bulacan.. it was a long highway so you’ll see some signs and you’ll reach Malolos.. At the right side you’ll see Robinsons Mall, take a right turn again and from your ride side again you have to enter a narrow road and you’ll see a pink building, there you’ve reached the Cafe.

— We got there after and hour and a half, if you don’t really have that asking skills, you’re going nowhere! So yeah we were able to reach the cafè from some stops and turn..


These are some of the things to look forward to:
The unicorn onesies — onesies could be rented at php100 or food consumable of php250/ person. Onesies free of use..
The playful and colorful ambiance
The Unicorn companions!! — Stuffed Unicorns and a Lot of them!
The FOOD and Drinks

Their price range for food/concoctions/drinks are from as low as php49 – to under php200 only! And you’ll get that yummy treats and tummy full!. There are other milkshakes that costs php 89 – php 129 only, rice meals (rice in a bowl with egg) php 79 – php 99 only. Waffles and Toast as the picture above (Shibuya Toast) roughly php 140 only.. their milkshakes are so good that does not have the “nakakasuya” taste, not too sweet pero super heavy in the stomach..😃😃😃

Replace those old Profile Pictures, cause absolutely you’ll get a perfect one here.. Absolutely you want all your pictures taken here as your PP.

FULL details in ACTION, stay tuned for my VLOG!
You’ll get more excited to visit it in actual and what to expect before getting there, most specially like me whose driving off from far places.. I am happy and definitely going to come back 🦄😁😁😁
Take your squad cause you’ll making a goal in Dreamy “Unicorn” Cafe



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