Crunchy Chicken Ala King


Yes, You read it right. I am not cooking the usual. Who does not love fried? I dunno who? But this recipe is also kids favorite🍗🤗 I like it easy cause I’m busy. My son loves to help out too. I also like the texture of being crunchy but also juicy. This is tastebuds approve .. P.S made an experiment with the sauce and have other alternative ingredients, I am not a chef, I am a mom so I improvise 😜😜😜

Crunchy Chicken Ala King

Prepare atleast 1-2 hours before frying
1 kilo Chicken Fillet — Skin Removed
4 Medium eggs — Beaten
1 cup flour — Or add more
1 Medium Pack bread crumbs Or add more– use the best brand. It will make it golden not over cooked.

2 Tbsp butter
1 1/2 Tbsp flour
2 Chicken Cubes — dissolve in water
1 cup warm water
2 boxes of Alaska/ Nestle all purpose cream
1 tsp pepper
1 medium carrot — minced
2 medium/1 large green bell peppers– minced
1 can mushrooms — optional
1 cup green peas — optional

Skin and slice chicken like chicken fingers or as desired way. Bread chicken — what I do, I put flour and sliced chicken in a clean plastic bag, then shake, shake, shake it right 😂😂.. When chicken is well covered. Skinny dip them in beaten eggs😂😂. Lastly roll them at the crumbs.. Set aside in a container, cover them and put them inside the ref or freezer. This makes the chicken& crumbs stick together (ung sobrang together di na mapaghiwalay)😂😂😂. After an hour or 2, deep fry til golden brown.

Now the sauce –Make a roax–Use whisk
Heat sauce pan(low heat). Put the butter at the pan, when melted, put the flour, whisk it when til it looks a little light brown. Add the dissolved chicken cubes in warm water. Stir it well. When mixed together add All purpose cream(all of it) whisk it very well as the cream easily sticks. Add the veggies. For me I no longer put mushrooms and peas, most specialy if I want it easy and I’m in budgeted cooking. Keep stiring(parang ex mong pina ikot ikot ka lang) 😂 add pepper. Stir more then it is set.

Could prepare it with bread or rice if desired. Or it also goes well with mashed potatoes I use the real ones not the flakes. It is much healtier.

And that’s how I prepare my Ala King.. hope you’ll love it too.. ❤️❤️❤️ that’s my homestyle Crunchy Chicken Ala King.

Stay Gold and Spark on!
Xoxo, Ishie


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