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Take me back to Panglao Bohol, 4 years ago my hubby had an offer to make a system for a resort in Panglao Bohol. He is a programmer/web developer and he do a lot of techie stuff over the net. There he was offered for a flight, 5 days and 4 nights accommodation, whole day meals for those days, all expense paid! Of course he has to do an onsite visit so he could see the resort himself and work on some instructions for the said work. Together he must go with a marketing companion. But.. he has to decline the offer for the trip and said he could make the system remotely from home. He was asked by the owner, “but why?” He only answered.. “It will be me and my wife’s 6th Anniversary, on our said flight going there” Wow! Priorities huh?! lol And so a response from the owner, she said ” well then, take your wife with you” Wow just wow! “We will also take care all the expenses for her(me) flight” she(owner) said.. We were hesitant cause we are shy to take the offer, but the owner insisted.. So we had the flight going there.. Started from the airport we are already accommodated nicely, they fetch us with their van and our escapade began.

When we reached Amarela Resort Panglao Bohol, readily they served welcome drinks . From the entrance, lobby and everywhere you look is a big art gallery!! Not long enough they took us to our room, we were following the Marketer, to the room, we were thinking that we’ll just share room for the 3 of us, but little did we know that they prepared a private room just for us (me and my hubby) WOW!! The generosity continues..

There is a spacious room, a very big bed, a clean and nice bathroom (which is cleaned everyday), it has a small dinning table, study table with books and bible to read, cabinets for our things, a flat screen TV and a small ref. Overall it was just beautiful! It was great! and yeah,it was romantic! I am touched by the owner that she ask to prepare us for privacy. There is also some space in front to just chill.

For future guests, Room Rates starts at Php 6,270 per night.


Overlooking from some rooms there is the pool, other beautiful scenery and the beach not far from the resort. The place is elevated so you could see everything..

We settled, we rest and it is about dinner time, we were lead to the resto, and we were asked to choose from the menu, it was not just an eatery but it was a fine dinning resto! Over looking the whole resort and breath- taking sights from the ocean. The food is very delicious, again these are all expense paid, but if you were to ask me how much will the food cost? It is reasonable, ranging •php250-php400, considering the ambiance and food is superb. Some more food photos shown above.

The resort promotes Biodiversity and as much possible they preserve the beauty of the place. It was “conquering my fear” here cause there are few geckos just in their places, they are “harmless” haha.

The night comes we have to rest(really? Haha) yes, we watched tv and I was famish! We made a call to the resto and ask if we could order, I ordered a healthy burger, it was a big serving so we shared. Told the resto to please charge us in extra meals we order,,, but when the food served in our room.. They told us that it is all covered and we are their guests and not just guest- guest, like customers.. again felt VIP here. And again, generosity!! And again and again. Thank you..

In the morning, they served us breakfast at our room. I must say It was “busog- lusog” kind of breaky. Then my husband has to get ready for the meeting and for work. And I have to explore the whole place all by myself first.. Photos of breakfasts shown above.

There are so much things to see and I don’t know where to start.. The whole place is a paradise! It was not crowded, it was calm and if you are looking for a privacy and tranquility this is the place to be.The air is fresh, I could breathe double time..This place is just perfect!

The beach is so clean and amazing, I could watch the waves all day.. Shade from coconut trees with hammocks. We were able to swim at the pool and at the beach.

As I said, Amarela Resort is a big art gallery, there is an art exhibit on the 3rd floor where you could see paintings and carvings, surely you’ll appreciate arts.

. Everything is just amazing, the landscape, interior and the architecture of the place is very elegant and homey..It has a touch of modern and Filipiña. I heard that the father of the owner or one of the owners used to be a carpenter, no wonder, the place is just like home.

We spend the days. Specially for me, just enjoying every bit of Amarela. It was my sanctuary.

On our last day, we were able to take a tour around Bohol, we rented a driver and his car, took us in a long river where we could eat lunch in the big boat. Went to see the Chocolate Hills, the famous tarsiers and man made mangrove.

The owner of Amarela informed us not to eat dinner elsewhere, head back for dinner at the resort. To our surprise, there is a dinner for two at the shore. From appetizer, main course and dessert was served to us. It was soooo romantic.


Up to the last day, Amarela did not fail us in their courteous acts and kindness, I wrote a letter to the owner and I am just grateful ..
Overall, I may say it is a must to stay at Amarela Resort. From the accommodation, food and the staff are friendly. And of course the owner is very kind and generous to letting us experience paradise.. See it for yourselves..

Here are their Facebook and Website for complete details..

FB: Amarela Resort, Panglao Island, Bohol
Phone Numbers: +63-38-5029497, +63-38-5029498
Address: Barangay Libaong,Panglao Island, Bohol, 6340
Thanks for reading.. Stay Gold and Spark On!



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